The Story of the Stunning Victorian Algae Herbarium and the Eccentric Balloonist Who Awakened the Terrestrial Imagination to the Enchanted Forest of the Sea – The Marginalian

We think of language as a vessel for conveying our ideas to other minds, a tool for framing what we see. But language is often the whetstone on which the mind hones its ideas about what it is seeing. Take the word weed. It denotes not something inherent to the plant it names but its … Read more

Fighting for Freedom, The Feminine Way

People have died fighting for freedom. It is one of the most essential human needs, and desires. Many have never tasted it, and most of us, even if we live in a ‘free’ world have many ways in which we are NOT free. Every year as we pass through July 4th marker, which in America … Read more

At 17, he graduated from Harvard and high school at the same time. Now at 20, he passed the bar exam

Braxton Moral is adding yet another achievement to his already impressive resume. At 20 years old, he just became America’s youngest lawyer after passing the bar exam. In a recent appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show, the Ulysses, Kansas, resident talked about the moment he found out he passed. “So, we’d actually just entered a … Read more

Keith Haring on Our Resistance to Change, the Dangers of Certainty, and the Root of Creativity – The Marginalian

“It is almost banal to say so yet it needs to be stressed continually: all is creation, all is change, all is flux, all is metamorphosis,” Henry Miller wrote as he contemplated humanity’s future. And yet it does need to be stressed continually, because coursing through us is the fundamental paradox of our humanity: our … Read more

Zomer Spetters: spelen met water voor jong én oud

Water is heerlijk: om mee te spelen, om in te badderen, om te drinken – of te eten. Het geluid van klaterend water is rustgevend… het verveelt nooit. Een ode aan water. Beleef een speterende zomer, met deze 8 verfrissende activiteiten. Leuk voor kinderen om te doen, maar minstens zo leuk voor volwassenen. Waterverf Aquarelleren … Read more

Stunningly constructed tiny home has a bifold window that connects to the outdoor living area

Have you ever found yourself sick and tired of the world’s fast-paced and needlessly complicated lifestyles? From jobs, politics, businesses, and even to homes—the amount of innovation has rendered others desensitized of progress. Some couldn’t even find inner peace and contentment. That’s what Amy and Greg wanted to avoid. The couple from Queensland, Australia, wanted … Read more

The Science of “Soft Fascination” and How the Natural World Presses the Reset Button of the Brain’s Default Mode Network – The Marginalian

“In the street and in society I am almost invariably cheap and dissipated, my life is unspeakably mean,” Thoreau wrote in contemplating nature as a form of prayer — a clarifying force for the mind and a purifying force for the spirit, a lever for opening up the psyche’s civilization-contracted pinhole of concerns. A generation … Read more

These roller-skating brothers are spreading good vibes on the internet with their nostalgic clips

These brothers from Delaware are bringing joy to the internet—one roller-skating video at a time. Marcus Griffin, 33, and Michael Griffin, 36, known as “The Griffin Brothers,” are sharing their passion for roller skating and music on social media. The siblings’ synchronized skating videos have taken the internet by storm, with most of their clips … Read more