168: Overworked and Over It: Stop Filling The Gaps & Giving 110% (#1 of 3)

Exhaustion, exhaustion, feeling like we have a lot to do with not enough time, resources, or support, struggling to find work-life balance is nothing new, our bodies disintegrating due to too much stress, our minds unable to slow down, feeling like it’s all on us.

It has been our reality especially as women for many decades. The catalyst for an epidemic, chaos, violent weather, etc., are the perceptions that we have come to a boiling point…as a society, a culture, and individuals.

The truth is:

The way we have been imprinted, educated and expected to operate is not sustainable, healthy or humane.

And when I say work, I don’t just mean what you do to receive money. I mean all the things that you give strength and time to your life, including those people, the communities, and the reasons why your father cares and tends to them.

Consider this: We stand in a place where we can make major transformations in short periods of time…if we’re willing to take a stand, say no more to what doesn’t work and isn’t really necessary or healthy, and say yes to doing things differently. Even if it means another disappointment, disruption of style, and dismantling of structures.

But how do we do that? Without confusing ourselves or just giving up our jobs and our lives and creating an unsustainable reality?

That’s what I’ve spent the past decade researching, living, and defining, and what became the basis for a book that overshadowed and above all.

In this three-part series, over and over and over: I’ve combed through the book and extracted 3 principles, practices, and perspectives that give us the power to discover BS ways of working that are burning people and the planet…and then give us the wisdom to do it differently.

These are simple but important specific actions that you can do in your daily life, now to do what I call “action wise. Live well”… As you begin to make different choices, you begin to see the distorted inner imprints and the outer standards you were responding to, and you gain insight To make wiser choices for yourself, others, and your organizations.

In this episode #168 of the time of female power Overwork: Stop Filling Gaps & Giving 110% We will explore 3 wise action wise teachings + queries and practices that you can use in your day to make different, more sustainable choices:

Wisdom for wise action:

  • Stop filling in all holes and gaps. Just start doing your part.
  • Stop giving 110% when 80% do or else you won’t have time for what matters to you. Start giving and doing enough.
  • We can’t stop working hard or giving too much because we’re afraid that everything will fall apart if we do that

Practices and inquiries:

  • What leaks am I sealing that are creating distress or fragmentation for me?
  • Where do I give 110% when 80% would?
  • What am I afraid will happen if I stop working hard or giving?

musical composition. Refer to the Overwhelmed and Over It book for the visuals and wisdom written just for you.

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If you don’t have your copy of Overwhelmed & Over It: Embrace your strength to stay center And sustainable in a chaotic world, it’s ready for you!

This is how we make and co-create the new, without burning ourselves.

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