172: Avoid Holiday Overwhelm: 3 Practices to Keep You Calm, Clear & Centered During December

While marketing messages and the holiday promise to tell us about peace and joy, the truth is that awareness of hyperculture causes us to buy more, consume more, and do more.

And while we all want a more meaningful connection, it’s all too easy to say yes to things out of commitment, habit, or fear of missing out.

Each year as we approach December, we take a stand for all of us here at Feminine Power Time to do things differently – in how we make our choices for how we spend our time, money, and energy until a new year comes in which we feel sustainable and renewed – emotionally, physically, spiritually, physically and mentally.

We chose to implement our practice of “Changing the Speed ​​in December” – so we can start resetting the new year, renewing its energy and comfort.

feminine power podcast 172 Avoid vacation immersion. 3 practices you calm in the middle is clear It builds on the previous podcast, so be sure to tune in to both. Then use inquiries and practices to support you in making small and larger choices that keep you drained vs.

Here are 3 of the practices I will share:

1. Practice #1: Create an intentional time period that creates both focus + space for what you need personally and relationally + professionally. From now until January 11th.

2. Second practice: Make your choices in November and December based on how you want to feel physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually as 2022 begins. Choose four vacation plans.

3. Practice No. 3: Embrace and do what makes you feel sustainable. Release and redesign what feels drying. This includes giving up doing things out of pressure, commitment, guilt, fear of fear, ‘imitation’ or over-communication. And imitate excess culture.

In addition, I will lead you through some visualizations and meditations that will help you tune into your innermost wisdom of what you say yes and no, so you can stay true to yourself, even if it means disappointing others or doing different things.

And I’ll share the wisdom of how to imitate the natural world to make December and January supportive and subjective.


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see you there!




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