173: Achievers Amnesia: 3 Proof Points You’ve Done More Than You Think

Most of us feel that we are not doing enough – in our day, towards our goals, for others in need or for the sake of planet Earth.

It is more likely that we always feel left behind, that there is never enough time, and that we never have the space to get to what is more important.

why? Because we suffer from “amnesia”. We forget, we don’t see, and we don’t feel what we’ve accomplished, done for others, or put more into shape or how we’ve made an impact in our relationships, teams, organizations, and our world.

Think of it this way… Over the course of a year, you give so much to so many people and projects and do so much to manage your daily demands while also working towards your dreams. And you forget how much you’ve already accomplished.

It’s easier to see what you are he does not have It’s over for seeing everything you have. So you keep on driving, striving, and working, until you fall from exhaustion or melt from exhaustion. Or you just keep persevering and moving forward.

Detective amnesia is a mental illness that causes us to become exhausted, confused, and anxious. It deprives you of receiving the success and happiness that you work so hard for.

Here is the treatment:

  1. Your body and your being need to feel what you have achieved and the impact you have made Otherwise, your brain wouldn’t record it.
  2. You slow down to let your heart and stomach receive and escape Achievements, achievements, and the ways you have impacted the world through the lives of people and the hearts that have touched you.
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Today, in budka this time of feminine energy173: People Who Have Achieved Amnesia: 3 Proof Points You accomplished more than you think, We’ll get the juices flowing, in ways that open up your body and be awake to see and feel the impact of your presence and effort on your dreams, goals, and with people and life on this planet.

We’ll highlight 3 proof points and take you through an embodied meditation so you can feel the impact + give yourself some space to rejuvenate and rest.


Take love and wisdom.

Then join us in the ritual of the end of the year reflection and then in the vision of the reappearance.

with a great heart,



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