175: 6 Inquiries to Tune In & Reveal What Truly Matters to You This Year

There are many things you can do this year, many things you think you should do, or maybe this year you have no idea what to do!? Or maybe you feel like you’d rather just pull the cap over your head.

Don’t let the chaos and stress of the world or your stress and self-induced thoughts swirl around you. Instead, turn inward, tune in to your heart and dare to tap into your wisdom and deepest desires and let them inspire and guide you.

Wisdom teaches us to use the power and practice of “inquiry” to consider the path before moving on to action.

Not so we can understand everything like an agenda or a project plan. But so that we can be clear about our intentions, be connected to what is truly in time, see what we cannot see with our eyes but can feel through our deeper intuitive knowledge…if we slow to listen.

Wisdom also teaches us…the wisdom is within you for the path most in tune with your soul into the future, the path that supports you on all levels – mind, body, heart, and spirit. And the gateway to that wisdom is not in your mental mind, it is in your heart and body.

Every year I do an episode that takes us through 6 questions about wisdom that you feel will be useful to us thinking about.

How we start the year creates the next reality. Use these six Wisdom Inquiries so you can stay focused on what really matters, create facts for ourselves and the world that align with our deepest truth and desires, and achieve sustainable success.

Six is ​​the number that creates harmony.

Every year inquiries are different.

Because every year, we need different inquiries to lead us to possibilities that we, with our limited minds—often afraid of reactions—have not considered.

I comb through many of the inquiries we use in the EMERGE vision process to find 6 to “configure the pump”, open up your vision, define your intent, and focus on the year ahead.

And this year, a bounty query jumped! Seventh question. 7 is the number associated with going deeper than we’ve gone before so we can come up with a brighter whole picture. perfect.

Tune in with me, Kristen Arillo, Transformational Leadership Consultant and Educator of Women’s Leadership and Empowerment, for Episode 175: 6 Inquiries to tune in and reveal what really matters to you this year

see you there!


Note: This physical and intuitive meditation was recorded live during the Wisdom Session: A Different Way to Dream and Succeed. To set the full Wisdom session, go to https://christinearylo.lpages.co/a-different-way-to-dream/.


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6 Common Wisdom Queries in Podcasts

this year…

1. I really want to focus my life force, time, and resources on…

2. What he already has momentum that I can continue to grow and capitalize on is…

3. I want to de-stress and create space for myself by…

4. I would like to explore…

5- I will feel deeply nourished by…

6. What I most need to receive is…

Bonus: Choose the words of alignment 2022
In 2022, I’d like to feel…

If the universe had to continually guide me back home, it would be…

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