180: Strengthen Your Self Compassion and Self Care

THE HEART OF SELF LOVE: Self Compassion, Self-Care and Self-Pleasure

Self-care, self compassion and self-pleasure are three of branches of self-love that make up the ‘heart line.’ When these kinds of self love are strong within us, we are stronger and healthier in our hearts – emotionally, physically and spiritually.

With a strong heart line of self-love we are able to be both compassionate and courageous. Able to give sympathy and empathy to others, with healthy boundaries, and without becoming too emotionally entangled that we lose ourselves.

We have the internal foundation to both give and receive, without guilt. Able to give to and support others and the work and causes we care for, and receive what we need to be sustained and valued in our exchange.

Instead of giving and giving like well that runs dry, we give and receive, so the water keeps flowing. So instead of feeling like we have to sacriifce our souls for work, success, stability or a cause, we feel nourished.

We RETAIN our radiance vs become dried up prunes, burned out lights, and self sacrificing martyrs or machines.

This heart line trifecta is core to our power, our presence and our personal wellness and happiness. But like most of the realms of self-love, few are educated on what self-compassion, self-care and self-pleasure really are. And even fewer are taught how to practically apply this to our lives, relationships, work, and choices.

Which is why in this episode of Feminine Power Time #180: The Heart of Self Love: Self-Compassion, Self-Care & Self-Pleasure (#3 of 4 in our Self Love Series) we will dive into each of these three branches including:

  • Self Compassion 5 of the 8 faces of self compassion and how to identify what kind of compassion you need most right now
  • Self-Care – what self-care really is and how to tap into your true needs so you give and receive, both.
  • Self-Pleasure This is how your SOUL gets nourished.

I’ll lead you through a meditation for each branch to tune into the ENERGY of these branches and give you a PRACTICE for each. SO we can infuse this into your life now.

The truth is – we can do more for the world and those people and causes we love when we are full in our hearts.

Self sacrifice to the point of making ourselves sick, resentful and giving in ways that are not valued or given a harmonious exchange is a learned behavior. Supported by the burnout matrix.

You can choose to liberate yourself out of the burnout matrix, and in doing so, you unleash more of your radiance to be a light in this world.

Tune in. And then come to the personal wellness and leadership wisdom session – Overcoming Overwhelm – and we’ll dive in more.

with heart



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