7 Things That Prevent Your Happiness and Feeling Fulfilled


Happiness has a different definition for each of us. This definition is unique and sacred. However, we are often trapped in a cycle of sadness and despair, surrounded by things that prevent us from being happy and living our best lives. But what are these things? Let’s take a look below.

Working a Job, You Hate and Don’t Realize

The average person works for about 30% of their life. Most people would agree that their jobs are a way to make money, but they also take a huge part of your time, so you should love what you do.

Since the economic climate is competitive, there is a high risk of failure. Pursuing jobs you don’t like can lead to burnout, which can negatively affect your well-being and, as a result, reduce your happiness.

When you do something you love, you don’t keep track of time because you focus on getting done. It’s not your responsibility. It is not just a source of money. It’s a way of life.


Fear is inherent in the human psyche. We need to be afraid of harmful situations in order to survive, yet most individuals suffer from phobias that prevent them from enjoying a better life.

For starters, you should analyze your fears. It is much easier to overcome fear if you understand its causes.

The second step is to understand how to handle stressful situations in your environment: the less stress you have, the less anxiety you have. Exploit your fears, showcase your strength, and live life to the fullest. Think positive thoughts in that present moment.

By doing this, you are taking something bad and unproductive and turning it into something magical and amazing,

Don’t take care of yourself

I suppose you might be wrong if you assume that self-care is selfish. A large percentage of individuals believe that they are stressed by time or money, which makes self-care impossible.

There are many external factors and limiting beliefs that do not want you to find happiness, and not caring about your body is one of them.

Although some plastic surgeries can be costly, there are different ways to take care of yourself on a budget: completing physical exercises at home, cosmetic procedures, and cuddling with loved ones are just a few of the alternatives.

Pay attention to your clothes because you will feel more confident if you like the way you look. In fact, grooming boosts the release of endorphins, which help you fight stress and feel better.

unrealistic expectations

Have you ever had unrealistic expectations for people in your surroundings? I’m sure you did, and I’m sure they failed.

In fact, most people have unreasonable hopes that develop in our thoughts as we analyze the world around us. It is just a product of your imagination, even though it is the result of your judgments and feelings.

When you build a prediction based on flimsy, flimsy evidence, you begin to believe it is true, and when it fails, you are disappointed.

Do not allow your childish optimism to spoil your real life; Think about what you’re doing and never try to create possibilities that might ruin your joy. Instead, focus on real-life styles and situations. Consider the problems and how you can logically fix them with actual solutions.

live in the past

People face different challenges throughout their lives, and remembering the happy times brings us joy.

You also had problems in the past, but you remember only the happy times: romance, excellent relationships with old friends, victories, etc.

Thinking about the past is painful because you grieve over what has come to an end. You mourn the happy moments from the past because you are living in the past.

We hold on to the best moments in our past, live in regret and hope that we get a chance to go back to those moments, and in doing so, we miss the moments right in front of us.

It’s like holding on to the memory of your first son taking his first steps and completely ignoring your second child’s first step. The first memory is beautiful, and you should cherish it, but not so much that you forget that the second memory is equally beautiful.

Don’t let others or possibilities into your life; this is the truth. As a result, you cannot appreciate the present moment and cannot continue to grow as a person, which prevents you from feeling happy.

Make comparisons with others

We’ve been likening ourselves to other people since childhood for a number of reasons. We do it more as we get older, measuring our looks, our salaries, and our accomplishments, for example. However, it only causes us concern.

Although it can be hard to stop comparing yourself to others, it is important to realize that it is a waste of time, effort, and emotion.

It is important to remember to stop self-harming. And social media has done nothing great to help your mental health either. It paints a lie that everyone should start living successfully, but that’s not true.

Everyone is different. We make mistakes, and living someone else’s life does not guarantee happiness.

If you can’t break the habit, compare yourself to yourself: review your accomplishments, create goals, and do them.

Letting our emotions consume us

When a strong negative emotion erupts, we often allow it to consume us completely, causing us to lose ourselves in feelings of anger, anguish or envy in our minds.

When you are going through strong feelings, realize that you are different from and above them. They are not who you are. You can keep watching them until they disappear.

Speaking of issues that can consume you, many professionals explained how they affected individuals. Live a good life by achieving new things daily and focusing on feeling good. Work on controlling your emotions and enjoy the smallest details in life.

Life can be hard, but you don’t have to make it more difficult, change your ways of thinking.


Your happiness is in your hands. It is up to you to do what you have to fight these things that are blocking your happiness. The seven factors we mentioned above are what people like you and me do, and it hurts our happiness. Learn from them and make an effort to beat them.

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Sally Bridwell is a blogger and education expert. She has helped many people understand addiction so you can check out the addiction articles in PapersOwl where she is a writer. Also, Sally has written extensively on issues related to happiness.

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