Restaurant adopts ‘no-tipping’ business model by paying staff a living wage and sharing profits with workers

Restaurant workers have one of the most tiring jobs, yet many industry professionals remain notoriously underpaid. Employees often rely on customer tips to make a livable wage, adding another layer of stress to the already tense working environment. Sadly, most restaurants in the US transfer the cost of labor onto customers in the form of … Read more

Your Guide To The 8 Best Anti-Snore Pillows Of 2022

mbg Contributing Writer By Jack Byram mbg Contributing Writer Jack Byram is a freelance writer who covers health and wellness. He’s also spent a lot of time reviewing everything from tech gadgets to home goods, and writing about them for varying outlets. Image by Nikita Sursin / Stocksy Our editors have independently chosen the products … Read more

Amy Lowell on Legends as a Lens on the Poetic Truth of Our Powers, Limitations, and Endurances – The Marginalian

In 1921, D. H. Lawrence was staggered by a “strange and wonderful” book bursting with “primary, elemental forces, kinetic, dynamic — prismatic, tonic, the great, massive, active inorganic world, elemental, never softened by life, that hard universe of Matter and Force where life is not yet known, come to pass again.” That book was Legends … Read more

8 Best Apps To Find Friends As An Adult In 2022

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Burger King employee who never missed work in 27 years gets a goodie bag as a reward, Internet raises over $200K for him

A Burger King employee who recently marked his 27th work anniversary is going viral after sharing the underwhelming “gift” he received for the milestone. Kevin Ford, 54, has worked as a cook and cashier at the Burger King in the Las Vegas McCarran International Airport for nearly three decades. He was a remarkably diligent employee … Read more