Wat zegt je naam over jou? Bereken je naamgetal

Numerologie kun je op veel toepassen. Zelfs van je naam kun je de betekenis achterhalen. Je naamgetal bidt inzicht in je persoonlijkheid. Wat is de betekenis van jouw naam en wat vertelt dat jou? Naamgetal berekenen Je naamgetal bereken je voor je volledige naam (voor- en achternaam). Bereken je naam met en zonder eventuele doop- … Read more

Why Confidence Matters in Learning and in Life

Pin Have you ever met people whose confidence was inspirational? Have you seen how this confidence helps them succeed regardless of the challenges they face? In learning and in life, confidence is what makes people perform better. Performance and confidence are related in a unique and interesting way. Should a student have faith in their … Read more

Lach eens om jezelf: het maakt je leven lichter

Soms lijkt het alsof zingeving en spiritualiteit alleen maar een heel serieuze zaak is, en da’s best jammer. Een beetje zelfspot en humor kan het pad naar verlichting immers vrolijker en lichter maken, en bovendien: waarom zijn er anders zoveel boeddhistische grappen? Ken je die mop van de Boeddha, die langs de Ganges liep en … Read more

Teacher gets call from student’s parents begging her to take their premature newborn temporarily

A Connecticut teacher stepped up in a big way when she took in a Guatemalan asylum seeker’s premature newborn baby during the start of the pandemic. Luciana Lira, a bilingual teacher at Hart Magnet Elementary in Stamford, got an unexpected call from one of her student’s moms in April 2020. Zully, gravely ill with COVID-19 … Read more

Community sets up fundraiser to help elderly woman crippled with huge tax debt save her home

Being crippled by debt could send anyone into a deep depression. Unfortunately, that’s what happened to an elderly Fulton County woman on the brink of losing her home. Luckily, her community stepped in to help by creating a GoFundMe to help pay her debts. According to the fundraising website, Ethel Callaway’s taxes went from $20 … Read more

Dit is de kracht van hormonen

Female hormones are powerful messengers that play a major role in the cycle, desires, desires, reproduction, and the transition to wisdom. Reason enough to take care of him. With rest, exercise and nutrition we can balance our hormones more and become healthier physically, mentally and emotionally. Sometimes we feel like hormones are rushing through our … Read more

This 3-year-old girl is already a ‘skiing pro’, and her pep talks to herself are so adorable!

Adia Leidums is a three-year-old who loves going on adventures and giving herself pep talks, particularly in the snow. In 2021, the toddler from Fernie, British Columbia, Canada, became an internet star when a video of her skiing while mic’d up went viral across social media. The footage showed her fearlessly skiing on the slopes … Read more