Iris Murdoch on Unselfing, the Symmetry Between Art and Morality, and How We Unblind Ourselves to Each Other’s Realities – The Marginalian

Decades into his long life, poet Robert Graves defined love as “the recognition of the integrity and truth of another person in such a way that…you both shine when you perceive the quality in the other.” A generation later, poetic playwright Tom Stoppard defined it as “knowing each other…knowing oneself, its truth, its truth, on … Read more

Paul Rudd and Jeffrey Dean Morgan purchased a NY candy store to keep it open after its owner passed away

Now here’s a story you might not know about Paul Rudd and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. People love to go to Samuel’s Sweet Shop in Rhinebeck, New York, for their assortment of candy, colorful sweets, and great coffee, among other things. But more than delicacies, the cute little shop also offers its customers a sense of … Read more

What Happens When We Die – The Marginalian

When my grandfather the atheist engineer died, my atheistic engineer grandmother leaned on the body in an old man’s bed that contained half a century of shared life and love, paving the skull in which his stubborn and sensitive mind dwelt, and whispered in the ether-lit halogen: “Where did you go, my love?” Whatever our … Read more

Top Willpower and Self Discipline Articles and Advice

pin We have collected for you some of the most important articles on willpower and the most important articles on self-discipline from this site. We didn’t want you to miss these articles, thus, we’ve made it easy for you to find them. The articles include information, tips, and guidelines, and some include exercises to strengthen … Read more

Body Beauty: How to Get Softer Hands

I’m having an emergency now… are you? My hands are exceptionally dry after a year of ramping up hand washing and pumping insane amounts of harsh hand sanitizers through the pandemic. My hands are literally gasping for moisture! On top of that, I haven’t had my nails done in over a year. Now that spring … Read more