Body Beauty: How to Get Softer Hands

I’m having an emergency now… are you?

My hands are exceptionally dry after a year of ramping up hand washing and pumping insane amounts of harsh hand sanitizers through the pandemic.

My hands are literally gasping for moisture! On top of that, I haven’t had my nails done in over a year.

Now that spring and summer are starting to come quickly, I’ve decided to give my hands some much-needed attention by making moisturizing a bigger part of my daily routine and getting back into manicures.

Soft hands are a sign of self-care

For me, having soft hands is an essential part of self-care.

Think about it: Not many people spend their days staring in the mirror.

However, we spend a lot of time typing, writing, reading, or manipulating things with our hands. your hands are something You are Actually all the time. So this year I decided to give my hands a little extra love.

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I know many people are afraid of wrinkled hands. I understand that. But I feel that when it comes to having beautiful hands, wrinkles shouldn’t be the main concern.

The truth is, we won’t have baby hands forever. One day we’ll have grandma’s hands with lines and wrinkles. But, you can tell the difference between the hands of a grandmother who took care of her skin and the one who didn’t, right?

No matter how many wrinkles you have, an older lady who takes care of her skin has soft and moisturized hands. I aspire to be like this one day.

But now the work begins with some easy ritual:

workout gloves

When I was a little girl, I refused to play in the money bars. why? My hand rubbing on those metal bars caused small, round blisters that made my hands dry, cracked, and rough all over. These days, I wear exercise gloves to protect my hands from the harsh metal handles of gym equipment like dumbbells and kettle bells. I even wear exercise gloves when I’m doing ground work to eliminate rubbing and rubbing.

(If you don’t have exercise gloves handy, it’s easy to take a pair of socks, cut off the toes, and put them on your hands to protect your palms.)

Dishwashing gloves

I have a pair of rubber gloves that I wear when I wash the dishes. I love this pair of reusable dishwashing gloves. Wearing it means I don’t burn my hands when I wash things in very hot water. And I love that the rubber gloves protect my hands from the harsh chemicals in dishwashing soap.

I have a separate pair of rubber gloves that I use to clean my bathroom for the same reasons.

hand and face routine

One of the simple things I’ve been doing to take better care of my hands is to take the same products and serums I use on my face and rub them into my palms.

There is always a little extra product left on my hands after I do my nightly skincare routine. Taking a few seconds to massage the product residue into my hands and my skin’s skin made a difference in how soft and moisturized my hands were.

(Plus, that way I won’t have to waste any of my more expensive face moisturizers and serums.)

Bedside hand lotion

I had a roommate in college who slept with gloves on to keep her hands soft. I haven’t gone that far…yet. haha

But I keep a tube of hand lotion by my bed. Right before I go to sleep, I lather it up thickly.

skin care

Nothing annoys me more than a beautiful manicure ruined by bad nails.

If I can avoid cutting my cuticles during the manicure, I usually do. It’s mostly because I don’t like the way you feel. (To me, it feels like someone is touching my belly button, and I don’t like that either!)

And when nail technicians cut my cuticles, I get even more of those awful nails. So I usually tell them not to, which means my manicures don’t last as long as I’d like them to. And I can’t always get a gel, because this type of polish sticks better to clean nails.

I recently had lunch with two friends who are great at getting their manicures done. like them Nail girls. They always have the finest manicures!

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I asked them if it was normal for me to have this hanging thing. They said it was and that it was likely due to dry skin. They were saying I needed to moisturize my hands more.

what you learned

When I got home, I started to do a little research on the skin. Experts who spoke with good housekeeping And Refinery 29 Both suggested that in addition to moisturizing your hands and experimenting with skin oils to keep that specific area softer, you should also try to push your skin back when you get out of a hot shower.

Pushing the excess skin back is meant to help reduce the amount of cuticle a professional nail technician has to cut, because it prevents excess skin from growing away from the nail bed in the first place.

Many people also get fed up of cutting the excess skin for fear of infection. But these experts said that if you take better care of your hands and go to a reputable nail technician for manicures, you don’t have to worry so much.

6 steps to softer hands

I make a promise to myself that I will try to make sure I take better care of my hands.

I’ll admit, I’m a work in progress. I’m looking down now as I’m writing this, and I notice my hands are a little cracked. I’m not into it. But I will!

In addition to all the tips I’ve already talked about, I’ll be incorporating the following products and rituals into my daily routine.

Do you want to work on your hand beauty with me? Check out these products and tips below!

drink more water

Drinking water is just as important as using lotion. You need to moisturize from the inside out! I’m ordering myself one of these famous gallon water bottles.

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