Travel: Santorini & Kalestesia Suites!

Caldera view I was debating how to start this post. Should I go to the monologue “It’s been a long, little year and we’ve all been through it and so on”? Should I start with something more emotional? Do I need to justify travel to an amber country (despite the easing of restrictions?). Then you … Read more

Santorini II: Fira & Adamant Suites

After 4 days in the beautiful southern town of Akrotiri, I decided to make my way north to the new pastures of Fira, which is Santorini’s capital and largest city on the island, with Oia (pronounced e-ya) being the second largest and busiest with tourists. For those who want to dive straight into the excitement, … Read more

The Curvy Girl’s Guide to Denim

Plus-size women, I have some bad news for you. We are not having a good year. Brands are quietly cutting their plus-size offerings. in style The magazine asks, “Why are plus sizes always the first to go?” The pandemic has been crushing plus-size fashion, which is crushing plus-size shoppers just as much. The way I … Read more

Body Beauty: How to Get Softer Hands

I’m having an emergency now… are you? My hands are exceptionally dry after a year of ramping up hand washing and pumping insane amounts of harsh hand sanitizers through the pandemic. My hands are literally gasping for moisture! On top of that, I haven’t had my nails done in over a year. Now that spring … Read more

A Year of Loving Myself 2021

Happy New Year doll! Last night I brought up the New Year in my new apartment in Brooklyn. It was a quiet night at home, and we had a steak dinner, a bottle appeared Prosecco And… I’m so proud of myself, I created my first Charcuterie! When the clock struck midnight, we went up to … Read more