Do People Still Read Blogs Anymore?

Picture the scene. It’s 2013 and you’ve just come home from work. After having your dinner and chilling out (or in my case, during my lunch break at work), you pop on the kettle, break open the web browser and proceed to open a plethora of blog site tabs ranging from beauty and skincare to … Read more

This Time Won’t Be Like Last Time

Hey Dolls, Well, it’s been a while since I’ve shared an update on my life here in New York City. At first glance the last few years have been difficult for me, both personally and professionally… In 2020, New York City went into lockdown. I announced that theCURVYcon is on hiatus. My dear Aunt Furaha … Read more

Travel: Santorini & Kalestesia Suites!

Caldera view I was debating how to start this post. Should I go to the monologue “It’s been a long, little year and we’ve all been through it and so on”? Should I start with something more emotional? Do I need to justify travel to an amber country (despite the easing of restrictions?). Then you … Read more

Santorini II: Fira & Adamant Suites

After 4 days in the beautiful southern town of Akrotiri, I decided to make my way north to the new pastures of Fira, which is Santorini’s capital and largest city on the island, with Oia (pronounced e-ya) being the second largest and busiest with tourists. For those who want to dive straight into the excitement, … Read more