Vaderwond: dit is de impact van een afwezige vader

The relationships you didn’t have can affect your life a lot. Growing up with a father who is physically or emotionally absent leaves a hole in your soul that leaves an imprint on your relationships as an adult. According to family and marriage therapist Jed Diamond, you can heal a “father’s wound” and break the … Read more

Winter blues? Deze tips kunnen helpen

It was somewhere in the middle of January that Monday was suddenly called Blue Monday and it looks like we’re in a collective slump. But the cold weather and dark days don’t make you grumpy: These tips from Kyra will help you appreciate winter. blue monday Today is Blue Monday and we seem to be … Read more

What Is Love? A Tender and Poetic Illustrated Celebration of the Elemental Human Quest – The Marginalian

Gamble everything for love, Rumi wrote, if you are a real human being. “Apathy does not reach majesty.” Eight centuries later, we continue to spend our lives trying to win something we don’t fully understand but constantly identify, and we keep betting on all the wrong things: we mistake admiration, clarity, and manifestations of success … Read more

Music, the Neural Harmonics of Emotion, and How Love Restrings the Brain – The Marginalian

“Lights and shadows flutter continually across the inner sky, and I know not where they come from nor where they go,” Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote in his notebook one spring day in 1840. “Neither do I inquire closely about them.” “It is dangerous to consider such phenomena carefully. It is appropriate to create a substance where … Read more