Astrologie: de twaalf tekens tijdens de corona-crisis

Each person deals with the Corona crisis and the accompanying measures in his own way. Find out how the twelve constellations relate to this intense age. Do you recognize yourself in your horoscope? Aries: tough as hell for or against Left or Right: Aries takes this situation very seriously. One group Aries is passionate about … Read more

Jane Goodall on the Meaning of Wisdom and the Deepest Wellspring of Hope – The Marginalian

Two and a half millennia ago, while devising the world’s first algorithm and using it to revolutionize music—a hallmark of our humanity—Pythagoras considered life’s purpose, concluding that we must “love wisdom as the key to nature’s mysteries.” Through the abyss of ages and civilizations, Jane Goodall Another sage of the ages, revolutionized our understanding of … Read more

Iris Murdoch on Unselfing, the Symmetry Between Art and Morality, and How We Unblind Ourselves to Each Other’s Realities – The Marginalian

Decades into his long life, poet Robert Graves defined love as “the recognition of the integrity and truth of another person in such a way that…you both shine when you perceive the quality in the other.” A generation later, poetic playwright Tom Stoppard defined it as “knowing each other…knowing oneself, its truth, its truth, on … Read more

What Happens When We Die – The Marginalian

When my grandfather the atheist engineer died, my atheistic engineer grandmother leaned on the body in an old man’s bed that contained half a century of shared life and love, paving the skull in which his stubborn and sensitive mind dwelt, and whispered in the ether-lit halogen: “Where did you go, my love?” Whatever our … Read more

Ken jij deze astrologische stromingen al?

According to Maya, the sun has twenty different rays that alternately shine on us. These are the solar seals, as the “horoscopes” in Mayan astrology say. For example, there are more astrological movements. We highlight four of them, as well as Mayan, Chinese, Vedic, and Spiritual. Vedische Astrology Karma and Remedies Vedic astrology, also known … Read more

Deze 10 zelfzorgideeën houd je wél vol

Treating yourself to a rest in the Italian mountains or in Bali is of course the best part about being kind to yourself, but self-care doesn’t always have to be luxurious (and expensive). On the contrary: simplicity is also very effective. Especially if you are used to paying attention to yourself, right at home and … Read more