What Is Love? A Tender and Poetic Illustrated Celebration of the Elemental Human Quest – The Marginalian

Gamble everything for love, Rumi wrote, if you are a real human being. “Apathy does not reach majesty.” Eight centuries later, we continue to spend our lives trying to win something we don’t fully understand but constantly identify, and we keep betting on all the wrong things: we mistake admiration, clarity, and manifestations of success … Read more

Music, the Neural Harmonics of Emotion, and How Love Restrings the Brain – The Marginalian

“Lights and shadows flutter continually across the inner sky, and I know not where they come from nor where they go,” Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote in his notebook one spring day in 1840. “Neither do I inquire closely about them.” “It is dangerous to consider such phenomena carefully. It is appropriate to create a substance where … Read more

Nietzsche on Walking and Creativity – The Marginalian

Almost everything I write, I “write” in the mind’s notebook, feet in motion – what happens on the keyboard when I return from my long daily walk that supports me is mostly copying. I’m not alone in relying on mobile solitude as an anchor for creative practice – there’s Rebecca Solnette’s beautiful definition of walking … Read more

A Stunning Illustrated Elegy of Life, Loss, Our Search for Light, and Loneliness as a Crucible of Creativity – The Marginalian

Childhood is a wonderful brushstroke of loneliness, thick and light-colored, the edges of which fade into the whole landscape of life. In this blur of being alone, we learn that is being ourselves. One measure of maturity may be the extent to which we are able to grow to transform that initial loneliness into the … Read more