The Impact of Self-Awareness on Relationships

Earlier in my career I had a work personality and a home personality. Even a DISC evaluation revealed this duplication. My natural state is one who pushes things forward and uses encouragement or influence to bolster support. My adaptive state is someone who sticks to the rules and complies and is a boring corporate suit. … Read more

Fierce Self-Compassion: A New Book by Kristin Neff

In her very popular first book, self pity, psychologist Kristen Neff, Ph.D., has changed our approach to self-care and how we see our relationship with ourselves. Based on the research, I developed a self-compassion model with three components to learning to be kind to yourself. First, you can consciously choose to see yourself in kindness … Read more

Four Times When You Need to Do Absolutely Nothing (and… the Origin of the New Year’s Day)

About 5,000 years ago, aliens landed and distributed small calendars to everyone who built those statues on Easter Island. They said, “Here,” “Look here.” They pointed to a box with 1 January written on it. “Wow,” said the Easter Islanders. “What? What? What????” “It’s the first day of the year, you idiot. From now on, … Read more

Top speedskater who slipped during trials still headed to Winter Olympics after selfless teammate gave up her spot 

Erin Jackson, the world number one in women’s 500m speed skating, is competing at the Beijing Olympics despite being placed shy of qualifying. And all thanks to a female teammate and an old friend who gave up her place for her. American speed skating teammate Brittany Bowe, 33, decided to give up her place after … Read more