Fighting for Freedom, The Feminine Way

People have died fighting for freedom. It is one of the most essential human needs, and desires. Many have never tasted it, and most of us, even if we live in a ‘free’ world have many ways in which we are NOT free. Every year as we pass through July 4th marker, which in America … Read more

What is Draining or Dimming Your Radiance?

In intense, changing times more than ever we need to be able to stay above the chaos and collective consciousness. We are here to shine our light, to give our light through our gifts and presence, to be lights for others. But it can be sooo challenging to stay light during these times. Which is … Read more

Are You Mistaking Handling Stress as a Strength vs a Sign You Need Support? 6 Signs of Unsustainable Stress

We women have become so tolerant of the increasing thresholds of stress that we think it’s normal to operate under intense stress loads. We’ve been imprinted to believe that being able to handle extreme levels of stress for prolonged periods of time is a sign of our strength versus a warning sign that something is … Read more

Why I Turned Off Comments on Social Media

Last month I talked about how social media shouldn’t be something that makes you feel bad. I’ve been really focusing on making social media a happy place for myself. I unfollowed a bunch of groups and pages that just weren’t making me happy. Instead of starting my morning by checking my comments and messages and … Read more

180: Strengthen Your Self Compassion and Self Care

THE HEART OF SELF LOVE: Self Compassion, Self-Care and Self-Pleasure Self-care, self compassion and self-pleasure are three of branches of self-love that make up the ‘heart line.’ When these kinds of self love are strong within us, we are stronger and healthier in our hearts – emotionally, physically and spiritually. With a strong heart line … Read more