Body-Focused Repetitive Behavior – The Self-Love Rainbow

On today’s episode of mental-health-related things that are embarrassing to talk about but that I talk about anyway (because it’s important!) – BFRB or body-focused repetitive behavior. Body-focused repetitive behavior is an umbrella term for a group of repetitive self-grooming behaviors that cause physical damage through pulling, picking, biting, or scraping the hair, skin, or … Read more

How To “Sit With Your Feelings”

My mom passed away in 2018 and today is the anniversary of her death. I’m usually hyper-aware of the date approaching because her birthday is the 19th and from that point on, it’s on my mind. This year was different. It kind of snuck up on me a few days ago and when I found … Read more

Examples of Trauma – The Self-Love Rainbow

I want to preface this by saying that I am not a doctor or mental health professional. I am a mental health advocate and that means I share my lived experiences, stories and struggles. I also do my best to raise awareness about what mental illness looks like. Many people do not have access to … Read more

A Look Back At 2021

I thought it would be fun to look down the Memory Trail and find out what happened at Blessing Manifesting this year and what happened in my life too! So get ready for loads of stats and numbers! A look back at the blog Number of blog posts in 2021: 53Most popular blog posts: How … Read more

My Word of the Year for 2022 & A Name Change

Hello there sweeties! I have an ad. I changed my website name from Blessing Manifesting to Self-Love Rainbow! I created Blessing Manifesting 11 years ago And the name was from the lyrics to a song that really helped me when I was feeling depressed and feeling suicidal. I started as a personal blog documenting my … Read more