December Downshift: 4 Questions to Ask to Complete the Year Feeling Clear

Every December, as a personal leadership best practice, I ask myself 4 questions and then change my personal and professional choices accordingly.y. They made a huge difference in how I feel when I start next year, and how I think and see the year that has just gone by.

In the past decade, I’ve shared this practice with people – which I call “December’s Downward Turnaround” – is that while the idea of ​​doing so seems divine, the reality of the speed and pressure in our work, family, and end-of-year life preventing us from doing what the natural world began in November – is slowing down.

Most of us unequivocally agree that we want to:

  • Start the new year feeling clear – mentally and emotionally.
  • Make your home and work space look clear and cohesive.
  • Create more space for ourselves and complement only what is most important and re-flow the rest into next year – ah! Exhale.
  • Be free from some drama or distress in our personal or professional relationships that show up during the holidays, or that come out earlier this year.

But we find it difficult to stand up to the tide of what Clarissa Pinkola Estes aptly described as “over-culture” – “A dominant and power-crazed culture so often we try to navigate it without being overly squashed or assimilated, and so we lose all our extraordinary talents, our wonders we’ve never seen before.”

To oppose such a powerful tide of year-end deadlines, family commitments, and the holiday consumption machine, we need superpowers. One of the things I like to apply at this time is the superpower of the “harmonic challenge” which I define as:

“Harmonic Defiance is choosing to challenge systems and realities that don’t work for you, not by shouting and getting excited but by doing things differently, and in wise ways that cultivate harmony.

Choosing to proactively create new realities by how you design your life; Leadership within your organization, community and family; It shows in your relationships. You are not asking for permission. You only choose what is harmonious. And do it.”

The consensual challenge is not about making or making some major global impact, it’s about embracing our power to create a better world and a better way to work and live through the choices we make in our daily lives. For example: choosing to imitate Mother Nature in December versus imitating overculture.

I’ve shared the four questions below, which use the wisdom-led leadership ability of “intuitive reasoning”. Intuitive inquiries seek wisdom versus answers, and thus reveal insights that we would miss if we were only working from our own mental and intellectual mind versus our higher, intuitive mind.

Ask and answer these questions for yourself and use them for your team, so you can end the year feeling satisfied with what you’ve done, clear in mind and heart, and ready to start the new year reset.

1. What do I need to complete to get me ready to step into 2022, renew, reset and unlock for pick up at:

  • Professional life: projects and goals
  • Personal basis: health, finances and home

2. What should I leave, edit or clean up before the end of the year? These are emotional judgments, statements, relational facts, or mental patterns that require attention to achieve consistency or let go.

3. What connections do I want to make (new connections or reconnect old ones) now, and will I reach them before I complete 2021?

4. What feels good and goes with re-flow – Move this to next year, and by doing this you release self pressure? Knowing I could re-deal with this in the new year.

It helps a lot to write it down and then take simple but powerful actions accordingly. Invite a friend to do this with you for more accountability. I use it with my team and in my marriage to create more supportive relationships and sustainable success all around.

For an additional resource, tune in to the podcast episode 171 POWER PAUSE: Inquiries that will support you to complete the year you feel clear on my podcast, Feminine Power Time.

Also, you can join me for the annual End of the Year Reflection Ritual and the Power Pause – a 4-step inversion process – at

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