New Year Visioning Path: Give Yourself the Space to Reveal What’s Right for You

Without a structure for how to think about the beginning and direction of the year, it is all too easy to fall into group stress and chaos. And then you end up setting goals, intentions, and plans from a place of pressure, lack, and reaction versus deeper truth, knowledge, and wisdom. Instead, here’s a different way of thinking and approaching the path of your New Year’s vision.

One practice that I use in my life and teach in the Feminine Wisdom and Overwhelmed and Over It way to achieve sustainable success is to set a time period for the beginning of the year from 4 to 6 weeks, to give yourself space to think about what you can do Choose to give your life force, time and resources for professional and personal work in next year’s cycle . This works for several reasons:

First: The first two stages of sustainable co-creation are motivation and intuition.

Without the second stage, you end up creating facts that make more work rather than more reward. This often leaves you trapped in situations that are not really what you need or desire. See the avatar below from Section 3 in Overwhelmed and Over It.

However, when you give yourself space to be motivated, and then feel and feel the wisdom to follow before forming mental thoughts, your actions for what you focus on in the coming year will be more focused on what is important and what is truly compatible for you.

which looks like this:

For me, that was slowing down and giving myself a full month out of January to be in active subscriber creation a path of seeing a new year wiser.

Second: When you have a period of time with a beginning and an end, the parts that don’t trust your intuition and the parts that feel pressured to know and have a plan can calm down.

This is a practice I call “creating healthy stress” – which sets a start date and an intended end date and creates a creative space to work within that focus and fluidity. It looks like this:

We apply these two principles of sustainable success to work wisely and live well to how we begin and establish the next annual cycle, by:

  • Choosing to slow down start January – And rise to the year in exchange for beating on the ground,
  • Find out what you want and what the wisdom is to focus your life force on in next year’s cycle – Using different intuitive and creative thinking processes and practices
  • Selection and commitment to intentional focus professionally and personally in the natural time of sowing intent, early February February 1st (Chinese New Year’s Day/Imbolc/Earth Pig Day/New Moon) or February 13th which is Self-Love Day
  • Create a visual representation of your intentions that defines the path
  • Jump into the focused and seamless excitement of co-creation for the rest of the year. You remain connected to these intentions in a way that enables you to remain resilient and resilient.

For 2022, here’s the linear path I’m proposing for the New Year’s Vision path.

Try it. That’s what I’m going to do because it has worked for me for the past 15 years.

Instead of starting my year like the woman on the left below, who then prepared me for a stressful, busy and overwhelming year-round reality, I start my year by focusing on what’s right for me. This makes it more likely that we make decisions that align with ourselves throughout the year.

Flow to 2022 – A Path to Finding What’s Right for You This Year

  1. December last week: Stay neutral.
    Just be in the moment. Space reset.
  1. January 2 New Moon: Slow start.
    A great day for practices that set you in wisdom for the coming year.
  1. The first and second week of January: dreaming, receiving and increasing time
    Listen to your deepest wisdom and desires. Expand the possibility. Stay on slow start. No action or planning needed.

  1. January 17 Full Moon: Feel Interested and Focus on What’s Right for You
    Feel the reality you really want to create. Begin articulating the focal points for 2022 that support you to achieve and receive. Let the momentum flow!
  1. February 1 Chinese New Year and Imbolc or Self-Love Day February 13: Set intentions 2022. Commit. Creates.
    Plant your intentions for next year’s session. Choose, commit, and create a visual representation.


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