How to Develop and Cultivate a Growth Mindset

There is no denying that modern life throws countless obstacles in our way. However, as Marcus Aurelius used to say, “The mind adapts and turns to its own purposes is an obstacle to our representation. What stands in the way becomes the way.” What this ancient Roman emperor meant is that as long as we … Read more

The Impact of Self-Awareness on Relationships

Earlier in my career I had a work personality and a home personality. Even a DISC evaluation revealed this duplication. My natural state is one who pushes things forward and uses encouragement or influence to bolster support. My adaptive state is someone who sticks to the rules and complies and is a boring corporate suit. … Read more

Nietzsche on Walking and Creativity – The Marginalian

Almost everything I write, I “write” in the mind’s notebook, feet in motion – what happens on the keyboard when I return from my long daily walk that supports me is mostly copying. I’m not alone in relying on mobile solitude as an anchor for creative practice – there’s Rebecca Solnette’s beautiful definition of walking … Read more