A Year of Loving Myself 2021

Happy New Year doll! Last night I brought up the New Year in my new apartment in Brooklyn. It was a quiet night at home, and we had a steak dinner, a bottle appeared Prosecco And… I’m so proud of myself, I created my first Charcuterie! When the clock struck midnight, we went up to … Read more

Ken jij deze astrologische stromingen al?

According to Maya, the sun has twenty different rays that alternately shine on us. These are the solar seals, as the “horoscopes” in Mayan astrology say. For example, there are more astrological movements. We highlight four of them, as well as Mayan, Chinese, Vedic, and Spiritual. Vedische Astrology Karma and Remedies Vedic astrology, also known … Read more

Importance of Writing Skills to Build Decent Future

pin A common misconception is that only students need to demonstrate good writing skills. We gain the most important knowledge and hone our writing abilities during our school years. We must graduate from different educational institutions with the status of professionals. Although not everyone makes a career in writing, the ability to express oneself thoughtfully, … Read more