POWER PAUSE: Three Inquiries That Will Support You To Complete Your Year Feeling Clear

I have a question for you: “Would you like to start the new year feeling good – mentally and emotionally? Do you like your physical space to feel clear and cohesive? Do you want to break free from some drama or tightness in your personal or professional relationships?”

Imagine how you would feel if you had more space in the last few weeks of this year and the first few weeks of next year.

Do you exhale yet?

Of course our answers to this possibility are yes! Starting a clear new year isn’t just a fun thing – it’s what any wise person would do.

But how do you “do” it? Especially in the intense year(s) we’ve been through?

My council has been the same from a decade ago, and it’s even more important in the times we live in. The wisdom is clear:

You establish simple yet powerful practices that empower you to make choices that lead you to work, live, and feel flow (focus on Lifeforce on what matters.

The practice that I will walk you through during the day is called turning off the power (short and simple). Power Downs uses the wisdom tool of “intuitive reasoning inquiries” that reveals the thoughts you’d be missing if you were only working from your mental mind versus your higher mind and heart mind.

In this episode of “Female Energy Time”: A Power Pause: 3 Inquiries That Will Support Completing the Year With a Sense of Clarity, I will be sharing a practice of FLOW that I myself use every year at this time, and do as part of living and working the Feminine Wisdom Way.

Includes 3 queries that will help you

  • Complete and direct your energy towards what you really want to accomplish and take care of it Regarding your body needs, managing your money, your home space, your work, your creative projects and your mental space
  • Make your relationships healthy Parts of relationships on a professional or personal level where something is out of control or compatibility that you know deep down if you don’t deal with it will come back next year in a more dramatic way.
  • Reflow projects and things you like to do but know there isn’t really room to do until next year – which will give you space to savor the next few weeks and first weeks of the new year.

I’ll also share some very specific examples of what I do to create space, comfort, and release this way – including just firing 3800 emails in an hour!

Do this Energy Pause with me now and then come to the full year-end reversal ritual Energy Pause on December 19 www.ReflectionRitual.com

So grateful we’re connected!
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Wisdom inquiries

Sign up for these three queries and then take focused action that creates more flow for you. Set a time period between now and the end of 2021 to create healthy stress. Over the next three weeks…

1. What do I love to complete, take care of, or accomplish?(Projects, “excessive dangers” to your health, wealth, home, or relationships, aka things that require attention for consistency.)

2. What do I like to give up? (The emotional or physical dangers you choose to leave behind in 2021)

3. What feels good and goes with re-flow (move this to next year)?

If you don’t have your copy of Overwhelmed & Over It: Embrace your strength to stay center And sustainable in a chaotic world, it’s ready for you!

This is how we make and co-create the new, without burning ourselves.

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