Stepdad surprised his 10-year-old stepdaughter at school with news of her official adoption

Here’s an adoption surprise that will grab your attention! When Mickey Russell began dating his current wife, Sarah, five years ago, he quickly struck up an affair with her daughter, Camryn.

Both spouses have two children from their former partners. And while most people would say such an arrangement would be complicated, these people have adapted well to life as a mixed family.

Mike and Camryn instantly clicked when they met.

“I came into Camryn’s life when she was five,” said Mike, from Texas. “We were thick like thieves after her mom started dating. We have a lot in common.”


Camryn grew to love him so much that when she was seven years old, the girl asked Myke if she could start using his last name as her own.

Mike agreed, and Camryn started using “Rousell” everywhere. However, she couldn’t use it at school because she needed to use her legal family name there.

Sarah and Mickey agreed that he should begin the process of adopting Camryn as soon as possible. And after a long wait of three years, Camryn officially becomes his daughter in June 2021!

Camryn and Mike Rousell - School adoption surprise

The parents were ready to share the good news with Camryn, and they wanted it to be a surprise.

Mike appeared at Camryn School holding a sign that read “I gave you my heart five years ago, now I give you my last name.” Sarah was also there holding a sign that read “It’s Official Camryn Russell.”

When Camryn walked down the hall and saw the signs, the sheer excitement and joy on her face was evident. She ran happily towards her father, and Myke lifted her in his arms as they cried with happy tears. It was truly a magical moment that the couple will never forget.

Mike remembers “seeing Camryn’s face…she collapsed, and in turn she collapsed.”

Mike said adopting Camryn was a “promise”.

Camryn and Mike Russell hug during a surprise emotional adoption

“I promised I would always be there for her, that I would love her unconditionally, and that I wasn’t in her life by chance,” he explained.

Myke also had some advice for other stepfathers out there.

“I understand the feeling of going to baseball games, going to football games, and feeling like a third wheel often,” he said. “But you show up anyway. I just want you to know that you are appreciated, valued, and made a difference in these kids’ lives. Our kids can never have enough people in their corner.”

Watch Myke’s adorable adoption surprise in the video below.

14-year-old Alicia and her adoptive father Daniel Donaldson have a similar story.

Daniel is a youth athletic trainer in Haleyville, Alabama, and has been supervising Alicia since 2019. When he and his wife, Tiffany, learned of the teen adoption experience, the couple decided to make Alicia a part of their family.

Alecia has been with them for over a year and they have always left the decision to legally adopt them to her.

Daniel Donaldon holding a sign with Alecia guiding him

Finally, Alecia decided it was time to make things official last year. And to make the moment even more special, she arranged a surprise adoption proposal for her father on his birthday.

The family blindfolded Daniel before lining up with a series of banners conveying the good news. Alicia was at the end of the line, holding the most important sign that read, “Will you adopt me?”

Daniel removed his blindfold and immediately understood what was happening after reading the cards. Then Daniel hugged Alicia tightly, thank you she will be legal ‘Donaldson’ soon! Click here to learn more about Alicia’s adoption surprise.

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