This man has spent over 2 decades rescuing abandoned dogs

Every dog ​​deserves to live in a happy and loving home. Unfortunately, not all puppies can experience this kind of life. That’s why organizations like the SPCA were created to help animals. Many are born on the streets, while some are abandoned by owners once the novelty of having a pet is gone.

Fortunately, there are people in the world like Dejan Gacic who have a big heart for animals.

About 20 years ago, Diane and his late mother Svetlana found a puppy in an elevator and took him home. And soon they began feeding strays in their village of Kumyk in Serbia.


News of its kind towards the animals spread quickly within the community, and the couple began to expand their efforts.

Before they knew it, mother and son opened an animal shelter in 1997 and named it Fuchiak Shelter. Unfortunately, Svetlana died a few years later, leaving Diane as the sole administrator of the shelter and its furry inhabitants.

Diane said of his mother, “My mother was a human being with a strong personality and a strong personality.”

She gave up her social life and moved to the village to live with the dogs. My mother and I were inseparable. I still talk to her and keep her informed of all the problems and obstacles I face daily.”

Svetlana surrounded by dogs at the Vucyak shelter

With the departure of Svetlana, work in the orphanage is no longer as simple as it was. Diane managed it single-handedly and began taking in hundreds, if not thousands, of animals at a time.

“In Serbia, the situation with stray dogs is dire,” he said. Every day people abandon their dogs. Every day, I get several calls from people who want to get rid of their dogs.”

According to the nonprofit website, Vucjak Shelter’s mission is to “rescue every animal, providing them with food, shelter, love, safety and medical care.”

True to his word, Diane’s love for animals goes beyond these precious canines.

Dogs roaming around the Vucjak shelter (SPCA support)

In 2014, he bought land in the Glaciers and built a sanctuary for wolves. Despite being the national animal of Serbia, these creatures are on the verge of extinction due to poachers. The shelter also takes care of other animals such as cats and foxes.

Diane also stresses the importance of allowing dogs to run freely around the property.

“All the dogs here are free to run,” he said. “There are no dogs in chains. Twenty-four hours, they are free.”

To accommodate more animals, Dejan bought a house away from other people and with plenty of room for the animals to roam. The man does the best he can with his resources, constantly looking to improve the living conditions of these loving creatures.

Wolves in Vucjak . Shelter

However, the pandemic has proven to be a difficult time for many animals as well. Now more than ever, more people are abandoning their pets, so the sanctuary houses over a thousand dogs, cats, and wild animals.

Like the SPCA, Vucjak Shelter relies primarily on donations and grants from the public.

“This support allows the shelter to continue its work, giving the animals a dignified, safe and loving place to live,” the organization says on its website.

Fortunately, the people of Serbia know the importance of Diane’s work. With their support, the shelter is kept afloat and can help more animals in need.

Dogs at the Vucjak . shelter

Dejan rarely takes a break due to all the work he has to complete in a day, but he says his efforts are worth it.

“I love my dogs, they are my life. I try my best to get more animals to make more room for these animals. For most of my adopted dogs, I see pictures every day… They have wonderful lives.” I wish many dogs would find new homes.”

You can visit the Vucjak Shelter website to find out how you can help support Dejan’s noble mission. You can also check them out on Instagram and Facebook for the latest updates. Also visit the SPCA website if you want to know how to do your part in helping animals.

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